Your contribution in these projects are much needed and are tax deductibles

The Organization has been operating since 1988 and became incorporated as Sinh Thuc Mindful Living Society in August of 2000, a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. With the purposes of providing the environment, programs and support that would foster and deepen the study and practice of mindfulness meditation and mindful living. Our current social action projects are to help needed people in Vietnam to improve their sub-standard living and to provide financial support to our residence teachers so that they can continue to offer the teaching freely to the community.

You can make your contribution by donate on-line via credit card (3% processing fee will be deducted by the Network For Good organization) or send your check to Sinh Thuc Mindful Living Society at P.O. Box 1223, Herndon, VA 20172.  For additional information or questions, please contact our main office at (703) 787-3377 or email us at


  • Project to Support the Poor School Children in Vietnam
    There are many school children in Vietnam that came from poor families.  They are often malnutrition and do not have enough clothes to wear.  In addition, some children cannot even attend school everyday, because they have to work as street vendors to help support their families.  These school children are very eager to go to school, but they need a lot of help and support.  With your monetary contribution, we would be able to provide to these needed school children scholarships, books, and clothing to help improve their living condition.  The children would be able to focus in school and better their learning skills to build a bright future for themselves.

  • Project to Provide Health Care for the Poor in Vietnam
    Majority of people in Vietnam, especially people in the rural areas, are very poor and do not have any health care.  There are no regular health care check ups; Therefore, minor health conditions are often become life threatening.  They also lack of many basic medicines.  There are qualified and volunteered Vietnamese doctors and nurses available to perform these basic health care check ups, but they lack money and means to get to these rural areas.  With your support, we can provide assistance to these volunteered Vietnamese doctors and nurses to reach much needed sick and poor people to provide basic health care needs and much needed medicines to cure common problems before they become fatal.

  • Project to support the resident teachers
    All of our residence teachers are working at the Meditation Center on voluntary basis.  They do not receive any salaries from the Center.  Their teaching at retreats, workshops, and classes are offered free of charge.  In addition, they are the core resources in maintaining, organizing, and managing the Meditation Center.  With your support, we are hoping to provide these wonderful teachers basic financial assistance, so that they can practically continue to offer the teaching and working at our Meditation Center to benefits many people that come to learn and practice.